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Postoperative Instructions wisdom teeth / third molars

  • BLEEDING: Continue to bite the gauze for ½ - 1 hour, then discard it. Minimum bleeding is not unusual for about 24 hours after surgery. If it is heavier and does not stop, use some wet gauze with cold water, or bite a pouch (sachet) after the tea soak in lukewarm water and keep the bitten for about 30 minutes. If then the bleeding is not controlled, contact one of the phone numbers listed on top.
  • SWELLING: Some swelling is expected after each surgery. The swelling reaches a maximum on the third postoperative day and then begins to decline. Place an ice pack corresponding to the side of the mouth, the soonest possible after surgery for 5 minutes and then remove it for other 5 minutes. Repeat the same for 3-4 hours.
  • MEDICINES: Take your medications according to the instructions you were given. Do not use other painkillers or antibiotics, or take more than your doctor has recommended you, unknowingly. Take painkillers with fruit juice, food or a full glass of water to avoid upsetting your stomach. If vomiting (more than 3-4 times / 12hrs) is induced, contact your doctor. If you need more painkillers after the end of the prescription, use "common "pain relievers (e.g. Depon), if you are not allergic to them. If these do not help, you will need to visit our practice for review.
  • ACTIVITIES: stay away from activities for 24-48 hours. Avoid heavy work, exercise, running for the next 4-5 days.
  • DIET / FOOD: After patch removal and after spending two hours from the end of surgery, you may eat. 1st day: cold and soft diet (e.g. soups, ice cream, mashed potatoes, yogurt, jelly, etc.), 2nd & 3rd day: soft diet as above or food mixed in blender, 4 to 6 days: moderate hardness food for example pasta, 7th day: free diet. Throughout the first week, use only the non-operated side of your mouth.
  • DRINK: Drink plenty of fluids during the next few days. Leave carbonated liquids "fizzled out" just before drinking. Avoid alcoholic beverages because they often create problems (interactions) with the receipt and use of drugs.
  • ORAL HYGIENE: Brushing after every meal, but avoid brush up on resected areas for a few days. In the above interval brush around these areas using a soft toothbrush .
  • MOUTHWASH: Carefully mouth wash with lukewarm water (after the first 24 hours), especially after meals. Clean mouth heals faster! (No need to add salt to the water).
  • AVOID: Avoid the use of tobacco, alcohol and peroxide washes since they will cause increased pain and possible bleeding if used.
    • No sutures were used
    • The stitches are absorbed and will be removed on their own after 3-4 weeks. 
    • The sutures are non - absorbable and should be removed. Return on ..................... for removal. - Do not forget that!
  • PROBLEMS: If there are any problems and / or questions about your postoperative course / recovery, do not hesitate to contact our practice or return for retesting. For emergencies, beyond business hours, contact our phones listed on top.

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